Super Tuesday Picks!

We talked all about Super Tuesday on Episode 4, but if you’re pressed for time and watching the returns like we are, here’s the guys’ picks for who walks away with delegates tonight:

Republican Ken 1 Ken 2 Mike 1 Mike 2
Alabama 50 Trump Rubio Trump Cruz
Alaska 28 Trump Cruz Trump Rubio
Arkansas 40 Cruz Trump Trump Rubio
Georgia 76 Trump Rubio Trump Rubio
Massachusetts 42 Trump Rubio Trump Rubio
Minnesota 38 Rubio Trump Trump Rubio
Oklahoma 43 Trump Cruz Trump Rubio
Tennessee 58 Trump Cruz Trump Rubio
Texas 155 Cruz Trump Cruz Trump
Vermont 15 Trump Rubio Trump Rubio
Virginia 49 Trump Rubio Trump Rubio
Colorado Trump Rubio Trump Rubio
Wyoming Trump Rubio Trump Rubio
Alabama 60 Clinton   Clinton  
American Samoa 10 Clinton   Clinton  
Arkansas 37 Clinton   Clinton  
Colorado 79 Clinton   Sanders  
Georgia 117 Clinton   Clinton  
Massachusetts 116 Sanders   Sanders  
Minnesota 93 Clinton   Clinton  
Oklahoma 42 Clinton   Clinton  
Tennessee 76 Clinton   Clinton  
Texas 251 Clinton   Clinton  
Vermont 26 Sanders   Sanders  
Virginia 109 Clinton   Clinton  
Democrats abroad 17 Clinton   Clinton  

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