Episode 6 – Beware The Ides Of March

If it’s Sunday, then it’s – wait, I think someone already uses that one. Anyway, this is Dirty Politics, and Ken and Mike talked about the Democratic and Republican races, including the Michigan results, and the upcoming contests in Florida and Ohio and others on March 15, which happens to be the Ides Of March.

illinois-nazisThe audio quality on this episode is a bit off, as we recorded it outside on the balcony of the Dirty Politics Studio.

The boat that Ken pointed out actually isn’t the former Presidential Yacht, but rather a different vintage “Trumpy” yacht, like this one.

The article Mike was referring to is here.

And for the second Dirty Politics Book Recommendation, Mike chose “One Day” by David Nichols. Pick it up at Amazon, your local bookseller, or the library.

The Vox article that Ken mentioned is here.

This episode was a lot of fun to record, and we’d like to know what you think. Email us at dirtypoliticspod@gmail.com, or follow us on Twitter @DirtyPolPod, and like us on Facebook at Facebook.com/DirtyPoliticsPod. 


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