So, obviously we haven’t had a new episode in a while. There’s a variety of reasons behind this, mostly due to new schedules and real world employments for both Mike and Ken. We’ll return, someday. In the meantime, since I (Ken) still have the site I’m just gonna use it as my blog. Obviously the caveat about “views and opinions” still apply, and will be my own.

Episode 14: Where Have All The Mugwumps Gone?


Ken and Mike return with a spirited back-and-forth about North Carolina’s bathroom bill, a bit about Bernie, and a diatribe about Trump and the justice system. You know, the usual.

Ken refers to the excellent Dana Gould Hour podcast episode Left & Right, and this piece by Anna Garvey defining the Oregon Trail Generation.

And for those of you who fell asleep during U.S. History 1865-1945, here’s a refresher on the Mugwumps.

Episode 11: Ken Hates Ted Cruz


Seriously. He hates Ted Cruz and unleashes lots of vitriol and cursing (oh, the cursing) at the senator. The guys also talked about Bernie, women’s cards, and the Nerd Prom.

Here’s the link to Ted’s Indiana speech and the Carly announcement. Check out Alexandra Petri’s excellent column here. And finally, watch the White House Correspondents’ Dinner here