Episode 10: Double Digits!

Well, despite some technical difficultieIMG_3037s (who knew you could fill up a MacBook Air so quick?) here’s episode 10! Our heroes talk about the Acela Primary (and correctly predicted a Trump sweep) and the veep stakes. Here’s the clip of Trump “acting” presidential that we referenced.

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Episode 9: For What It’s Worth


We’re back! Ken and Mike discuss the state of the race, make several archaic references to songs from their youth, and make broad sweeping generalizations about “these kids today”.

The essay Ken referred to in today’s episode was originally published in Harper’s, and is called “On The Uses Of A Liberal Education” by Mark Edmundson.

You can watch Putin’s call in show here.


“It is an unwritten law of current political journalism that conservative Republican Presidential candidates usually receive gentler treatment from the press than do liberal Democrats. Since most reporters are moderate or liberal Democrats themselves, they try to offset their natural biases by going out of their way to be fair to conservatives. No candidate ever had a more considerate press corps than Barry Goldwater in 1964, and four years later the campaign press gave every possible break to Richard Nixon. Reporters sense a social barrier between themselves and most conservative candidates; their relations are formal and meticulously polite.”

Crouse, Timothy (2013-06-26). The Boys on the Bus (Kindle Locations 5192-5196). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Episode 7: Mike’s Dinner With The Donald


A bit late, but here we go – episode 7! Mike had dinner with Donald Trump (kinda). We also talked about how John Kasich is still losing to Marco Rubio, violence on the campaign trail and how the Supreme Court is now a political football. Plus, Mike threatens Ken!
The New York Times Delegate Simulator 9000 (or whatever it’s called) is here. We had to cut a bunch from this episode, and one of those things was an article that Ken recommended on what went wrong with Jeb Bush’s campaign. It’s here