Three Questions – Mike’s Take

Ken and Mike came up with three questions to answer in lieu of a midweek short episode. Here’s Mike’s take. Ken’s is here.

Question 1 -Article 2, section 2 clause 2 directly says the president shall appoint with the advice and consent of the Senate. Do you think it’s a wise idea for Republicans to delay a hearing on an Obama appointee?

Yes, of course I think it’s a good idea that the Republicans delay the process. What turns out to be a bad idea is the announcement by Mitch McConnell that he will not let any appointment go through before the Presidential election. The President has an absolute right to appoint anyone as a Supreme Court Justice. From my perspective, I am sure that whomever he appoints will be a bad choice for America. That statement is based on my feelings about the job that President Obama has done as the chief executive.

In my opinion, in every way, his political decisions have had a detrimental impact on middle class Americans, while benefiting the wealthy financial sector. His pledge to transform American is one pledge that he has kept. He has put this nation on a path toward mediocracy.  I have no confidence that any selection that he makes for Justice of the Supreme Court be any different.

However, I am a strict constitutionalist and from that perspective Mitch McConnell has no right to throw a blanket over the process and shut it down before it has begun. That action only confirms the ineptitude of the Senator and make one think that the term Majority Leader is simply another oxymoron.

Question 2 – After the fireworks of Saturday night in South Carolina, what do you think will happen in Saturday’s GOP primary?

 It looks as though the “fireworks debate” will have one result. Jeb Bush is done. He will not get a bounce from the South Carolina primary, just a thud. Trump seems to have a Teflon coated suit of armor that allows him to take on anyone. First, he got the  anti-endorsement from Barack Obama when the President felt compelled to comment on the Donald. I call it an endorsement because there is no bigger badge of honor for any Republican then to be cast in opposition of our leftist president, Obama. Secondly, the Pope seemed compelled to weigh in on the Donald also. Trump handled the attack with skill and the Pope ends up looking like just another hypocritical socialist pontificating the evil of American society. Americans, middle class Americans that is, are sick of being called out when we are the most generous and free nation in the world. The Pope and all the other supporting leftists, never seem to get around to pointing the finger at the homelands of all the unfortunate immigrants who have caused all the turmoil by their deliberate efforts to have the United States resolve their nations’ social ills. Hypocrites! 

Question 3 – What’s going to happen with the Democrats in Nevada?

This only question this raises with me is: ‘Oh, are the Democrats in Nevada? What are they doing, fund raising during a state department crisis?’ That wouldn’t be unexpected. Oh, they are having a caucus. Better question: How many super delegates have committed to Hillary prior to any votes being cast?  Answer: three out of eight.